Extreme Dog Houses

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Extreme Dog Houses

Mensaje  Shibabcn el Mar Mayo 19, 2009 3:21 am

The size (and cost) of these canine abodes is nothing to bark about—especially considering all the thought and handiwork behind them. While we're the first to admit that the dwellings are a bit over the top, we have to confess that we do tend to indulge in a little pet spoiling from time to time. From the über-chic French Chateau dog house to Rachel Hunter’s Mexican Hacienda dog house, this type of pampering may be outside our price range, but it’s still fun to dream. Check out the pet palaces below to discover new ways to let sleeping dogs lie.

Created by custom doghouse design artists at La Petite Maison, this $30,000 red clay-roofed manse is large enough to accommodate a human and comes complete with terra-cotta floors. Who’s the lucky pooch that calls this humble abode home? This casa belongs to the pets of actress/model Rachel Hunter and is a scaled-down version of her California house.

The mastermind behind this upscale doggie abode is craftsman Alan Mowrer—known for creating the most fashionable dog houses in the world. This manor is estimated at $25,000 and boasts running water, lighting, air conditioning and heat!

Starting at $7,500, this asphalt-shingle house with a cedar front porch is a replica of the owner’s home—right down to the circle-top window and vaulted ceilings. Inside, the dwelling is filled with doggy-inspired décor, including bone-shaped rugs and puppy-print wallpaper.

White Colonial Dog House

For fans of the pitched roof and square windows of Colonial-style architecture, this is the perfect pet house. The $6,100 structure is one of many celebrity-requested dog mansions available at BeyondtheCrate.com—all complete with AC and heating units.

Designed with gingerbread trim and gables as well as shutters and heart-shaped windows, this 6' x 8' canine retreat would give even the most energetic pup the sweetest doggy dreams.

With double dormer windows and 60 square feet of space, this doggy dream house starts at $7,200. Amenities include multiple windows, an air conditioning unit and a front-porch light switch.

Oh, to be the Bernese Mountain Dog that calls this chalet home! This doggy domicile comes with decorative carved wood, a gabled roof and multiple balconies—all popular features of Swiss chalet-style architecture. Photo Credit: La Petite Maison

The crème de la crème of the block is definitely this chateau-inspired dog house. Featuring a copper roof, bay windows and hardwood floors, this petite puppy palace can be customized to the size of the dog who'll inhabit it. Photo Credit: La Petite Maison


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Re: Extreme Dog Houses

Mensaje  HOSHI el Mar Mayo 19, 2009 3:36 am

Lo dicho, geniales casas......si son casi como nuestro piso jejeje
En dos palabras Im presionante..... pero nosotros llevamos a nuestros shibas al campo que lo gozan mas , ala Very Happy


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Re: Extreme Dog Houses

Mensaje  Aliena el Vie Mayo 22, 2009 1:48 am

Jooo porque me haces esto Carlos?? jajaja no entiendo na...igual que no entiendo otra cosa, no tiene na que ver pero weno..como es posible esto? osea, como puede ser que se cruce un yorki con un samoyedo??es que, si utilizas la logica...mm...no se, no me cuadra, jajajaja

http://www.segundamano.es/pontevedra/cruce-yorsay-y-samoyedo/a14759045/?ca=28_s Rolling Eyes Razz

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Re: Extreme Dog Houses

Mensaje  megacrani el Vie Mayo 22, 2009 3:09 am

jajaja esque ya lo pone.. su madre es muy cariñosa... jajaja


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Re: Extreme Dog Houses

Mensaje  Invitado el Vie Mayo 22, 2009 4:08 am

Y lo mejor de todo es el precio, 200 euritos de nada. Además según el título del anuncio se trata de un cruce de Samoyedo con Yorsay, que será también otro cruce pero esta vez de Yorkshire Terrier con Bonsai o algo así clown . Saludos.


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Re: Extreme Dog Houses

Mensaje  Shira el Vie Mayo 22, 2009 8:10 am

Madre mia lo que llegan a hacer, pero pienso que con los problemas que hay en el mundo gastarse dinero en estas cosas o por ejemplo otra cosa que he visto, que son los collares con cristales swarovski, en mi opinión es despilfarrar el dinero inútilmente.

(a parte de lo que pienso, son una pasada .) Very Happy

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Re: Extreme Dog Houses

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